An update on Vintage 2021

A coolish spring and early summer pointed to a slightly later than usual vintage, but it was very dry, and things were looking very promising. Then February arrived and we had 80mm of rain, followed by even more showers in March and that certainly had us on edge. Very few grapes had been picked by this time, and the concern was that this amount of rain can increase the risk of disease and delay harvest.

There were some cases of diseased white grapes around the region, but the Flowstone vineyards remained very clean. The extra time on the vines allowed the flavours to develop very nicely, and the grapes could be picked at lower sugar levels. This could lead to some beautifully flavoured elegant white wines in the future. Currently they are all fizzing away nicely in the winery.

The reds are still ripening, and the rain seems to have given them a real boost. Cabernet Sauvignon is a grape with a very thick skin, which makes it very resilient to disease. I predict the harvest of the Cabernet Sauvignon and Touriga will be in the next fortnight. The reds are looking very promising, with lovely ripe flavours and tannins due to the long, mild ripening period.

Vintage will officially be over once these grapes are picked, but there will still be lots of work to do in the winery after that to convert all the fruit into the wines you love to drink. I am sure I will still find time to have a glass of Champagne to celebrate this milestone.

I’ll keep you updated!