• 2018 Moonmilk – Savagnin, Viognier, Gewurztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc.

    Moonmilk – a white creamy substance found in caves. It is a form of flowstone, and is gooey and pasty when wet, with a texture like cream cheese. It is crumbly and powdery when dry. It has historically been used as a medicine.

    Savagnin must be the most confused grape variety there is. With a rich history, and considered one of the founding varieties, it has suffered from nomenclature confusion with Sauvignon Blanc, name changes to traminer (a non-aromatic version of Gewurztraminer), and its presence in Australia through the misunderstanding that it was Albarinho. It does still have a spiritual home in the Jura, in the east of France, next to Switzerland, where it does make some very distinctive wines.
    This wine brings the family of confusion together, to give a wine of great flavour, texture, minerality, and freshness. To this, we have added a dollop of Viognier to add some mid palate textures.

    Blend: 63% Savagnin.16% Viognier, 11% Gewurztraminer, 10% Sauvignon Blanc.

    Food ideas: seared scallops, with a green salad, or just with good friends on a warm afternoon

    Drink: Now and over the next 5 years.

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  • 2016 Sauvignon Blanc

    Sauvignon Blanc is probably the world's most popular white wine, especially in its brightly fruity expression.

    The Flowstone Sauvignon Blanc harks back to a more palate focussed wine, free of the nervy pressures of immediacy, and allowing the variety to express itself in a more textural manner.

    The inspirations behind this wine are more from the old home of Sauvignon Blanc than the new.

    95 points & Special Value | Halliday Wine Companion

    Huon Hooke 95+, gold, and rated #1 of 16 Margaret River Sauvignon Blancs

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  • 2016 Chardonnay

    Margaret River and Chardonnay go hand in hand, but the expressions of this variety across the region are many and varied.

    The Flowstone Chardonnay is from the southern reaches of the region, and is a more restrained and subtle wine than some of its more northern contemporaries.

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  • 2016 Gewurztraminer

    Gewurztraminer translates to "spicy or perfumed" traminer. It is a variety of enormous and complicated history, with origins in the northern climes of Italy. It is now planted fairly widely across Europe, but in very small quantities. Its European home now is probably Alsace, but there are still reasonable plantings in northern Italy and Germany.

    The variety is characterised by its pink/brown skinned berry, and its powerful aromas of lychee, musk and roses.

    96 points - James Halliday - I truly have no idea how Stuart Pym conjures up so much varietal fruit flavour in the face of a theoretically unsuitable climate and almost baroque vinification Heady spices soar out of the glass without coaxing, the palate layered and rich with hints of tropical fruits as well as orange/citrus.

    Huon Hooke Gold, and rated #1 of 19 2016 Australian Gewurztraminers

    93 points - Ray Jordan

    92 points - Campbell Mattinson

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  • 2017 Moonmilk Shiraz Grenache

    The early drinking red wine has had its high and low periods, yet there are still classic wines of the world made as just this - specifically Beaujolais, and the Joven (juvenile) wines of Spain. An early drinking red wine is nothing to be ashamed of - it is a celebration of the season, and demonstrates that not all red wines have to be profound and thought provoking. Some can just be downright enjoyable!

    Appearance: deep and vibrant red/purple, with purple notes. The colour is extraordinarily dense, and full of vibrance.

    Aroma: plums, mulberries, red fruits, lifted cherry notes, spice and dark chocolate. An engaging and enticing array of aromatics that is very hard to put down.

    Palate: generous and soft, with bright fresh flavours. The flavours are surprisingly complex as they evolve from one to another. There is great length of flavour, and abundant, but soft, juicy tannins. This wine drinks fantastically now, and will for some years.

    Food ideas: bbq, warm afternoons, lamb loin chops, rib eye, spag bol, pizza, vegetarian samosa, all things casual and easy.

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  • 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Touriga – just released

    A blend of classic Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon, and the classic Portuguese variety Touriga. Cabernet Sauvignon is well known in Margaret River, whereas Touriga less so.

    Touriga is one of the main varieties in the Portuguese Vintage Ports. It has wonderful spicy red and black fruit flavours, with a medium to full bodied palate, and puts an interesting twist on Cabernet Sauvignon. Touriga is also known as Touriga Nacional.

    93 points - James Halliday
    93 points - Ray Jordan
    92+ points - Campbell Mattinson

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  • 2015 Queen of the Earth Chardonnay – sold out!! Sorry.

    Margaret River and Chardonnay go hand in hand, but the expressions of this variety across the region are many and varied. The Flowstone Queen of the Earth Chardonnay is from one tiny patch of vines in the southern reaches of the region.

    It has complex aromas of beurre bosc pears, stonefruit, brioche, nut-meal, hints of honeysuckle and creamy lees notes. The palate is dense, focussed and intense - perfectly aligning the fruit and oak. The oak, lees contact and mlf give additional complexity. There is great texture and length, and a chalky acid to finish. The palate has great power and focus, but is not fat or heavy. This is a serious Chardonnay of substance and moment.

    special pre-release availability for on line sales and members.
    Official release date 01/08/2018

    97 points - James Halliday
    96 points - Ray'll see something different every time you go back for a sip. Mighty good.
    93 points - Decanter

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  • 2014 Queen of the Earth Cabernet Sauvignon – very low stock

    Margaret River is Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Sauvignon is Margaret River. The Flowstone Queen of the Earth Cabernet Sauvignon is from one old growth vineyard in Wilyabrup.

    With aroma of blueberries, mulberries, spice, mocha, dark chocolate and cedar, it is a complex and engaging wine. The palate is red and blue fruits to start. The flavours build to a beautifully textural mid palate, supported by the spicy oak, and gently fade with finely honed tannins.

    Food ideas: Osso Buco, slow roast shoulder of lamb, venison with mushroom risotto.

    Magnums available. Please enquire. Only 24 bottled.

    96 points - James Halliday; It has a texture and structure all of its own, verging on velvety, yet reminding me that the cassis, black olive and dried bay leaf only could only come from cabernet.

    97 points - Ray Jordan. Power and structure, with poise and refinement. This is serious stuff

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